Why Hodges Home Inspections Dallas?

Smiling woman carrying cardboard box while moving up steps at new home“So when you move into your newly purchased homes, you won’t be surprised and regret that you bought it.”

We will make sure that before you make that sweet real estate deal, you know all the ins-and-outs you need to reach an informed decision. We will professionally prepare a clear and concise report that you could easily understand, complete with colored photos.



Home Inspection guarantee

Come and Inspect the Property with us.

Know all the issues and concerns before your pay for your prospect home.

Schedules are limited especially during Weekends

So book as early as possible because our weekend schedule fills up quickly.


Before we go on, let me emphasize to you our guarantee. If we come and check your prospect home and eventually, you are not satisfied with our service, you don’t need to pay any single dime. That’s how confident we are.

After many years in home inspection business, we are proud that we are still here operating since 1994. In all of those years, we saw plenty of home inspection business came and went out of business simply because they are not reliable like us.

I am so confident in how we do things; that is why I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Our Advantage!

  • We find more problems and concerns than our competition
  • We spend all the time needed for inspection
  • We are not cheap but remember that sometimes cheap is usually the most expensive.
  • Quality reports in your hand
  • You will receive your report at the same day of inspection